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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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Though this exercise would be done to determine the population of all animals greater emphasize would be given to estimate the number of panther hyena bear wolf and wild dogs. Ravindra read out a few lines from the book to emphasize how relevant the outstanding Telugu essayists writings were in todays context. In a symbolic depiction a man in fetters accompanied by two others wearing leaves to emphasize that the action against the leaders was not in tune with the times led the rally. Steps would be taken to improve the situation and emphasize would be on preparing fodder for the livestock in the depots of the department. The mandatory reforms at the State level emphasize the legal aspects repeal of Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation Act reform of rent control laws and rationalization of stamp duty and not the basic democratic governance. In order to emphasize their tirade against the Speaker the Congress has also decided to move a noconfidence motion against Mr.