empathy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
empathy meaning in tamil is பச்சாதாபம்

empathy meaning in tamil with example

empathy tamil meaning and more example for empathy will be given in tamil.
Anybody trying to document the history of the working class in Kerala must have the detachment of a seer to look with empathy and a great sense of amazement the wonderful course that the trade union movement in Kerala has taken over the last nearly a century. K. Congress empathy The APCC chief announced at a press conference on Tuesday that the party was willing to forfeit 8001000 sq. Her meek and humble nature belies the steely grit with which she has set out to show the world the definition of empathy and concern for others of her ilk. The juxtaposition of Lakme Fashion Week with the Vidharbha suicides is a tragic reflection on how far apart we are drifting and the lack of empathy on the part of the media and the people with a large segment of our country. People providing healthcare are not only talking about lack of doctors and paramedical staff but also the need to create empathy among those providing medical services particularly in instances of HIVAIDS infection. The Congress the leadership of these parties feel had no empathy for the concept of coalition dharma at that point of time. Hande a B.C. Roy awardee feels that the elected representative should be accessible and he should have empathy towards the peoples problems. No American Ambassador to India before or after him brought so much empathy and appreciation to his job as did Professor Galbraith. Mohan CSC Integral Coach Factory Perambur stressed the need for a humane approach courteous behaviour and empathy towards the aged and women passengers by RPF personnel.