emergency meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
emergency meaning in tamil is அவசர காலம், அவசரநிலை

emergency meaning in tamil with example

emergency tamil meaning and more example for emergency will be given in tamil.
Prasad said future vehicles would facilitate communications to the driver and automatically to the emergency service provider. Reflecting the European Unions concern over possible disruption of Russian gas supplies the E.U. Executive Commission has called an emergency meeting of its gas coordination group on January 4 to discuss the issue. The committee also banished FEMA the acronym for the Federal Emergency Management Agency whose operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina were widely criticised as ineffective. Kshetrapal said that the 22 crest gates with emergency stoplog gates had been installed at the dam and the trial run of impounding water had been taken up now. While the Opposition is of the unanimous view that there are irregularities at various levels in the Corporation it is yet to make a joint representation for an emergency meeting of the Council. Chirac spoke the Cabinet approved the lifting of a state of emergency imposed during three weeks of rioting and arson across the country a Minister confirmed. The order was to take effect Wednesday ending the emergency measures more than six weeks earlier than originally planned. Therefore invoking of emergency clause under Sec.17 4 of the Land Acquisition Act for the formation of highway was illegal and arbitrary. Manali has a number of hazardous chemical and other industrial units and during an emergency there is a likelihood of losing precious time in evacuating people from affected areas. During emergency drills conducted under the supervision of the collector in various industries that dot the stretch the Government ensures that the roads are cleared of traffic.