emerald meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
emerald meaning in tamil is மரகதம்

emerald meaning in tamil with example

emerald tamil meaning and more example for emerald will be given in tamil.
Spring Dale Senior Secondary School Amritsar and Emerald Highte International School Indore emerged champions in the boys and girls sections respectively in the CBSE allIndia basketball tournament at the Vellayani Agriculture College courts here on Saturday. Dream run ends Bhavans Vidya Mandirs dream run ended in the final against Emerald Highte International School Indore. Girls final Emerald Highte International School Indore 65 Retu Bishit 23 bt Bhavans Vidya Mandir Kochi 58 Lekshmi 16. Bringing alive the vibrant Emerald Isle with the bright blue seas lush greens and its famed hospitality the country is hoping to get Indians to travel just an hour away from their favourite destination the United Kingdom to Ireland. Gleaned from family heirlooms photographs books and even the exotic jewellery collections of erstwhile royalty innovative touches have transformed the diamond ruby and emerald to suit contemporary tastes and yet retain an old world charm. According to the Principal of the college Flora Swarnakumari over 600 final year students of the Government Arts College Udhagamandalam Providence College for Women Coonoor Bharathiar University Arts and Science College Gudalur and Emerald Heights College for Women participated. Official sources said that during the 24hour period ending 8.30 a.m. on Saturday Udhagamandalam received 35 mm Kundah 37 Emerald 41 Upper Bhavani 25 Geddhai 48 Coonoor 81 Ketti 51 Kotagiri 36 and Kodanad 74. Precious gemstones like ruby sapphire emerald and yellow sapphire are on sale at the rate of Rs.650 per carat.