embrace meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
embrace meaning in tamil is தழுவு,அரவணைப்பு

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And once in a while when Bollywood does make bold to embrace life realism often ends up as a synonym for boring. Kaippatta Habel was the first Dalit slave from Kerala to embrace Christianity 151 years ago heralding a social revolution in an age of severe social ostracism untouchability and slavery of Dalits. Coming just days before the E.U. is to begin a review of Turkeys much criticised justice system the court decision was a sign that the longdesired goal of joining the wealthy E.U. was slowly forcing the Government to embrace European norms of freedom and democracy. NETHRAVATHI CUP 1200m rated 10 to 25 Bumper Prize Concordial Aliysia 60 Harish 1 Elegant Embrace 55.5 I. He expressed the hope that Muslim youth would embrace tolerance and harmony. King Abdullah was speaking at a special convocation at Jamia Millia Islamia where he was conferred the degree of Honoris Causa or Doctor of Letters by its Chancellor Fakhruddin Khorakiwala. The Swiss masters tearful embrace of Rod Laver perhaps the greatest of them all after winning his second Australian Open was both poignant and telling. This comparison could be useful if only for those Middle England audiences of BBC TVs Question Time and BBC Radios Any Questions who last week seemed outraged that Israel was not rushing into a warm embrace with Hamas. But he is the most prominent European to dare to embrace multipolarity as the new reality of international politics. THE SAMAJWADI Partys man for all seasons Amar Singh is unmatched even by the yardstick of Indian politics an open house known to embrace the oddest 151 film stars cricketers business tycoons historysheeters not to mention assorted swamijis and sanyasins.