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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
emblem meaning in tamil is அடையாளம்

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A philanthropist from Coimbatore has donated the Rs.4lakh facility to light up the 196foothigh tower the emblem of Tamil Nadu Government the temple Executive Officer K. The gold silver and bronze medals bear the heraldic and iconic emblem of the Commonwealth Games Federation on the front and a design on the back which uses elements of the Melbourne 2006 identity featuring halo lines and the words humanity equality and destiny. Vijaya Prakash said on Monday.Later the bust of Sir C.R.R. Reddy opposite the Central Administrative Office building and the university emblem at the main entrance would be garlanded. The emblem 151 a sea nymph striking a martial arts posture 151 signifies courage and conviction to face any sort of adversity including natural disasters such as the tsunami. A stainless steel token displaying the permit number and the Corporation emblem would be issued to the owners of the certified animals. He produced the 1988 Seoul Olympic mascot tiger Hodori and the Seoul Olympic emblem in Tanjore traditional Kalamkari style. A metal token displaying the permit number and the corporation emblem will be issued to the owners of the certified animals. Some of the other popular services include offering Gayatri Mantram Bhajans and devotional songs as ring tones and ring back tones and providing options that assist subscribers to download pictures of gods goddesses and Holy sites and symbols such as Makkah and Crescent the emblem of Islam. Posters using that signature emblem of the original Shiva a fist holding a cycle chain with that caption were hastily removed from different parts of the city.