embarrassment meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
embarrassment meaning in tamil is மனக்கவலை, சங்கடம்

embarrassment meaning in tamil with example

embarrassment tamil meaning and more example for embarrassment will be given in tamil.
He alleged that the Congress which faced embarrassment because of Natwar Singhs indictment in Volcker report had enacted this drama to divert peoples attention. He is such a semireligious figure that his death in our hands would be a great blow and embarrassment to us warned Stafford Cripps who was Minister for Aircraft Production. The latest controversy relating to the Bofors case over two bank accounts of Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi in London lying frozen for the past 30 months threatens to snowball into a political embarrassment for the United Progressive Alliance UPA Government. The report if tabled and adopted in the House could turn out to be a major embarrassment for the Delhi Government and even lead to rolling of heads. Embarrassment He had to face embarrassment in many international forums because of the poor infrastructure in Bangalore. The PCC leadership already faced some embarrassment on Thursday when a group of freedom fighters suddenly descended on Gandhi Bhavan seeking accommodation and entry passes. In what could turn out to be a major embarrassment for the Delhi Government the Central Vigilance Commission has been asked to hold a detailed probe into the multicrore optical smart card scam for registration of new and old vehicles in the State Transport Department. He said unless the Centre set an example of outstanding panchayati system in Union Territories as it was responsible for Union Territories it would become an embarrassment for the Government to seek better panchayati raj system in States.