embarrassed meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
embarrassed meaning in tamil is சங்கடப்படுத்தபட்டேன்

embarrassed meaning in tamil with example

embarrassed tamil meaning and more example for embarrassed will be given in tamil.
Minister for Cultural Affairs K.P. Anilkumar did not look embarrassed when he was invited to torch the light. A manuscript in the fleet restless hand of the teenage Mozart which was cut in two and sold off separately by his financially embarrassed widow after his death has been brought back together by the British Library. He has sought to implicate the royal family which he has said was embarrassed by the DianaDodi affair. A handful of Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society presidents created a scene and embarrassed Cooperative Minister Kanna Lakshminaryana at a meeting of PACS chiefs from Krishna West Godavari and Guntur districts at the Tummalapalli Kalakshtram on Friday. More men than ever are receiving treatment for various forms of impotence but there are still many couples suffering unnecessarily because they are too embarrassed to talk. Amar Singh is not the tiniest bit embarrassed by the focus on his noncurricular excursions 151 his oncetoooften page 3 appearances his lavish courting of the rich and the famous his muchinevidence Bollywood connection 151 apparently adds to his charm. But a casual approach left Punjab embarrassed despite Pankaj Dharmani and Ravneet Ricky coming up with decent knocks. Bhupinders colleague in the selection panel Sanjay Jagdale was all praise for the bowlers who embarrassed England at Vadodara. In a statement on Saturday Mr Mills solicitor David Kirk said Ms Jowell had been angered and embarrassed by the bribery allegations surrounding her husband.

Embarrassing is situations that make you feel embarrassed. Example Have You Ever Felt Embarrassed?