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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
embargo meaning in tamil is தடை

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Pasha a selftaught artist who perfected his English by watching American movies had sold his art to United Nations and aid workers during the 1990s embargo for around 200 for a piece. Section 70 aims at putting an embargo on giving undue preference in favour of any particular person. He prayed for a stay on the operation of the impugned tender notification. Ram EditorinChief The HolyIndia and chairman Reception Committee who presided said a deeper and broadbased campaign was needed for Cuban solidarity which had weathered a cruel U.S. embargo for the last 46 years. The forum also insisted that the winner should put an embargo on the land allotment on the hills and take into consideration the CRZ violations. There is no embargo on the number of auctions and the department will go ahead with the process till they find a successful bidder. India he said was on the verge of ending not just the nuclear embargo imposed on it for decades but the full gamut of restrictions on dualuse items. Other measures should include imposing an embargo on certain industries in the critical zone of the Himalayas. He said Karvys worry continued on the embargo on opening new demat accounts and participating as registrars to IPOs. The twoState solution has solid international support and the current embargo on financial assistance is not likely to be lifted until the Hamas government comes round. According to its protagonists Salwa Judum is a spontaneous peoples movement against the repressive Maoist diktats such as the ban on collection of tendu leaves and the embargo on participation in State elections.