ego meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
ego meaning in tamil is அகங்காரம், தற்பெருமை

ego meaning in tamil with example

ego tamil meaning and more example for ego will be given in tamil.
His ego is dissolved and doubts vanished. Delivering a discourse on Kuchelavrithom Perumpully Kesavan Namboodiri said that constant remembrance of the lotus feet of Sri Krishna purifies the heart drives away the evils and nourishes true love and spiritual wisdom. But deluded by egoism man thinks I am the doer. Thus man has forgotten his essential spiritual nature and his ego is responsible for his continued bondage. The festival teaches us the importance of sacrificing our ego and surrender of the self to the almighty he said. They were seen heaved a sigh of relief when the event ended at 10.30 p.m. The success they say was partly due to the efforts taken to manage the ego of those who mattered. Spiritual evolution thus involves getting rid of the ego so that the Self will shine in its true splendour. The following day Pongal signifies the securing of bliss after the ego is removed union with God and the third day is dedicated to the worship of all living creatures for fostering harmonious coexistence of man with nature. Man engages in the world with his ego Ahamkara 151 the I responsible for his individuality 151 which makes him identify with his bodymindintellect personality instead of with the Self. It is the ego that gives a person the feeling of individuality and also plurality in the world though the Self is an inseparable whole. But for the love of the Self is all dear. When Vasishta expounded on the need for detachment Rama expressed the fear that the bond between the ego and the Self seemed to become stronger instead of weakening.