effect meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
effect meaning in tamil is ஏற்படுகை

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Foreign currency assets in dollars include the effect of revaluation of nonU.S. currencies such as Euro British pound sterling and Japanese yen held in reserves. Punjab National Bank on Saturday announced revised interest rates for domestic term deposits with effect from January 2 2006. The agreement on South Asian Free Trade Area SAFTA comes into effect from January 1 ushering in an era of free trade in goods among the seven SAARC membercountries. Nearly 65 per cent of CO2 emissions are from the US he says adding global warming would have harmful effect on the life on earth particularly on coral reefs the storehouse of biodiversity resulting in their destruction. Premkumar Satya honorary secretary of Indian Medical Association spoke on infectious diseases and its effect on the immune system. The cumulative effect of the heavy purchases of FIIs and the liberal support to new issues by the existing and new undertakings have been responsible for a significant contraction of the ownership of share holdings of Indian financial institutions and promoters as well as individual shareholders. Article 194 3 in the case of State legislatures and Article 1053 in case of Parliament in effect give them the powers privileges and immunities that the British House of Commons enjoyed at the commencement of the Constitution in 1950 until they are defined by these legislatures. Mesmerising the motley group of art enthusiasts and laymen at Naada Vaibhava the arty jugalbandhi had its desired effect on the audience as the evening came alive at Woodrich on the citys outskirts.