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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
editorial meaning in tamil is தலையங்கம்

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Krishnan R.V. Kuala Lumpur The editorial reflects clear thinking on a subject that impinges on the security of the nation especially Tamil Nadu. Moreover as the editorial correctly points out absolute security is simply not possible and it will be yet another instance of merely addressing the symptoms and not the root of terrorism. Washington It must rank as one of the most awkward editorial conclaves ever held. Helping the rich often means empowering the poor an editorial in a major newspaper recently argued. This is not because they were losing money 151 most had relied on outside support for years 151 but because their production and editorial methods were inflexible and deterred competition. Shahabuddin Nadeem Bangalore Aptly titled and rightly timed the editorial points out the just course available for settling the issue. Craigslist which had no editorial content had even extended its operations to New Delhi and Chennai. British quality newspapers 151 previously called broadsheets 151 were currently locked in a circulation battle that involved spending huge sums of money in giving away free DVDs while cutting or freezing editorial budgets. The Readers Editor besides attending to complaints should ensure that your editorial policy and the values The HolyIndia stands for are reflected in news coverage. Similarly the management and marketing departments of the newspaper insofar as their activities relate to readers concerns about editorial content. In order to keep fully in touch with the workings of the paper the Readers Editor shall have an established right of access to the EditorinChief to heads of department meetings to planning and review meetings to daily editorial and news conferences and to other relevant forums.