echo meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
echo meaning in tamil is எதிரொலி, எதிரொலிக்கச் செய், சொன்ன சொற்களையே மீண்டும் மீண்டும் சொல்

echo meaning in tamil with example

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I dont want to save anything from my first salary I want to give them everything. She has a companion in Kavitha whose plans echo a similar goal This year I want to work hard get a good job and want to make my parents happy. Get organised. Another eminent metallurgist and Sanskrit scholar C.R. Vijayasimhachar said institutions like the Indian Institute of Science and the IITs were aware of the fact that much of modern metallurgy had more than an echo in our ancient past. In any case the Security Council will hardly be able to resolve the Iranian nuclear problem without the professional work of IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency he said in an interview to Echo Moskvy radio. Plans to link Internet with local VHF thru VOIP Voice over Internet Protocol using Echo link is also worked out from the stateoftheart media centre at Shravanabelagola apart from other chat utility for those who are on this medium of communication. Eminent historians have commented that it would thus be not incorrect to say that the Bhalki conspiracy case was the last echo of the outbreak of 1857. It feels a bit like apartheid people living in fear that soldiers could come into the house at any time and kill children. But with the oppressor a black government there was an echo of Robert Mugabes regime said Malefane who is also an associate producer. As players exchanged mechanical strokes each rally the echo of the next all superb technique but grim repetitive geometry the mind pleaded No more. Before the courts echo again to a muscular percussion as the cleaners come in this morning to sweep centre court before play begins they might amidst a tossed plastic glass and lost wristband a few bristles from a paintbrush.