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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dynamite meaning in tamil is வெடி

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A worker succumbed to injuries which he sustained in a dynamite explosion at a quarry in Vazhakkala at 2.50 p.m. The victim M.S. Kumar 27 is a native of Tirunelveli. DAOBA STUD FARM CUP 1200m 3 yo Terms Shy Beauty Classic Sport Dynamite Doll 55.5 Rajinder 1 Sun Magic 57 D. Illegal fishing such as use of dynamite and toxic chemicals to catch fish has polluted the riverine system in Kodagu. Though the investigation revealed that accused had used dynamite to kill the fish the police could not book case against them accordingly as they were not possessing the explosives when they were caught the sources said. The former Afghan Islamic fundamentalist regime used dynamite and artillery to destroy the priceless twin Buddha statues carved into the heart of the Hindu Kush mountains in Bamiyan claiming that all statues are idols and therefore their existence was contrary to Islamic belief. Once every few months recalls Mohammad Shaban Deka who has guided anglers along the Bringhi river system for over five decades construction workers would throw dynamite into the river to catch fish. Pocket Dynamite rb Luxembourg Sandeep 113.5 80057 60042 40026.5. Former moved on the bit. Following a tipoff a team raided the storeroom of a quarry at Keelakadaneri and seized 500 kg of Ammonium Nitrate salt 500 electric detonators 267 gelatine sticks and 200 kg of dynamite salt. In another seizure at the foothills of Thevankurichi the team took into possession 700 electric detonators 360 gelatine sticks 570 ordinary detonators 750 kg of dynamite salt and two coils of safety fuse wires.