dwarf meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dwarf meaning in tamil is குள்ளர்

dwarf meaning in tamil with example

dwarf tamil meaning and more example for dwarf will be given in tamil.
The failure in Hong Kong to achieve anything like a positive outcome for developing countries was a big blow given that the huge costs of unfair trade dwarf the pocket money deals on debt and aid. For the two dwarf sisters 151 Shamsunisa and Jilani Begum 151 life has all along been an unending path of struggle. The Monorail Society also doubts the scope of the project and thinks the network will dwarf the length of any other existing monorail system on the planet. A dwarf moves up to tenth floor in the lift and starts walking from there to reach his office at the fifteenth floor. Immediately the best answer that strikes us is... he being a dwarf cannot raise his finger to press the fifteenth floor button. It was his idea that the Horticulture Department must emulate Rome where most of the magnificent ruins structures and edifices are clearly visible from a distance with dwarf oleanders planted around them. Wherever he goes in the world he will have to face protest marches. The Communist leader enthralled the audience by narrating a Puranic story in which Lord Vishnu approaches King Bali in the form of a dwarf Vamana as a guest and asks for three feet of land. Earlier experts say ergots and dwarf bunted grains 151 not found in India 151 were not acceptable. The couples belonging to different religions a few intercaste and some of them deaf and dumb and dwarf are being given new clothes mangalasutras and even utensils. Its an anomaly. The authors who first identified the hobbit claimed it was a dwarf form of Homo erectus a human ancestor that lived 1.8 million years ago.