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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dvd meaning in tamil is டிவிடி என்பது .வஒவ, .னழஉ என்பது போல் ஒரு கோப்புப் பதிவு வடிவத்தின்

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One can opt for a cash discount or get freebies like a DVD player with a large screen TV set or free set of utensils with a microwave oven. So many of the thousands of Indians who holidayed abroad in Singapore Bangkok Hong Kong or Dubai during the Christmas holiday season which just ended returned with portable DVD players or Sony Playstation Portable PSPtype mediacumgames consoles. In most of these foreign centres a portable DVD player with a builtin screen is available for prices as low as 100. The DVD portable players can also be purchased in major Indian metros where brands such as Philips and LG are easily available. The DVD player explosion in India is being driven by the increasing availability of Indian language feature films in DVD format Hindi films are becoming available as DVDs just two or three months after release in theatres at prices starting from Rs. Have you had a chance to check out the iMac G5 a twopiece computer with a 512 MB RAM 160 GB hard drive 17 screen and a slot to load the DVD drive. They decamped with a pair of gold bangles and earrings she had kept on the dressing table and a DVD player. According to K. R.Kim President South West Asia the company would manufacture CDRom DVD writers monitors and personal computers GSM and CDMA mobiles. Apart from the Singapore trip microwave ovens DVD players movie tickets and Tshirts were up for the taking. I participated in every match and won the following prizes Nokia 6600 1st match Intex DVD player 2nd match Fair and Lovely hampers 4 nos from 3rd to 6th match and finally the mega prize of Onida 42 Plasma TV.