durability meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
durability meaning in tamil is உறுதி

durability meaning in tamil with example

durability tamil meaning and more example for durability will be given in tamil.
He told the corporation to give up chip carpeting of roads in the city and opt for pucca roads even if the cost of the work went up by 10 per cent or 15 per cent as it will ensure durability and quality. Sivaramakrishnan in his inaugural address advised the students to go in for innovative building materials having durability and low cost. People complain that though the authorities fill the pits and relay it quality and durability will be at stake. Bringing alive the aesthetic side of the metal rather than just its durability is Confluence a unique exhibition of stainless steel sculptures. Hence we have stunned the world by living continuously despite the diverse culture which is possible because of the hidden stability durability and the inbuilt capacity of Indian civilisation he added. Thin impactresistant polycarbonate lenses that offer high durability and are best suited for outdoor activities are also available. Goa may well become the fourth State in the country to utilise plastic waste for construction of roads to tackle the plastic menace and to ensure durability of roads in the municipal areas. Packing food products scientifically to ensure their durability would help in getting good profits he maintained. Israel has mounted a raid deep inside Lebanon fuelling anxieties about the durability of the ceasefire that came into force earlier this week. But here too prolonged use can alter the shape of your toe. Durability One thing has to be accepted that modern youth have deep pockets when it comes to choosing footwear.