dull meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dull meaning in tamil is மண்டு

dull meaning in tamil with example

dull tamil meaning and more example for dull will be given in tamil.
After bringing home just a dull bronze last year Kerala will be using speed as its big weapon when it opens its campaign at the National volleyball championship in Pune on Monday. Writer Vaidehi said on Monday that feelings are the focal points of a poem and without them poetry becomes inert dull and listless. Working in a factory can be a dull job at the best of times but Mark managed the quite amazing feat of being both dull and infuriating at the same time. The deposit of solid materials on the car particularly in the intricate parts of the images over the years has resulted in dull visibility. Easier to understand At the Standard High School in Khilwat there is not a dull moment these days. During the lively debate that ensued there was never a dull moment as legislators including former Deputy Chief Minister Siddaramaiah Vatal Nagaraj R.V. Deshpande and P.G.R. Sindhia sparred and exchanged repartees. Although there was widespread enthusiasm among the people the official ceremony turned out to be a somewhat dull affair thanks to the absence of many prominent personalities from Belgaum district. After a dull start Baljinder Singh infused some life into the match when he cut through the right flank and moved up. V.S. Vinay joined him and between them they virtually engaged six defenders. Not without dull spells The match had its dull spells in the first half as both teams failed to string effective moves. 55 6 Daughter back 151 dull and tedious 5 7 No quick growing plant. HAL and Vasco Sports Club played out a dull goalless draw during their second division match of the ONGC CUP National Football League much to the disappointment of a decent crowd at the Football Satdium here on Tuesday evening.