dual meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dual meaning in tamil is இரட்டையான

dual meaning in tamil with example

dual tamil meaning and more example for dual will be given in tamil.
A ULIP should be bought not only for investment but to meet the dual needs of longterm investment and protection. It will feature the dual core processors that pack two processors in a single CPU central processing unit and is expected to deliver advancements in multitasking enabling the user to operate several programs. There was a verbal dual between the officials and the fruit vendors which was followed by the clash. Sultana Hasans work is a thematic mosaic a crosscultural collage of painted colour inspired by the dual worlds she has lived in the East and the West. In association with Netherlandsbased electronics giant Philips it announced a new Dual Phone which combined the functions of a normal landline phone with the cheaper Internet telephony option. The police had taken up these programmes with the dual intention of sensitising the people on the need for maintaining public order and also to create a fear in the public mind that they would be penalised if they were found violating the rules. The Tamil Nadu General Sales Tax Amendment Bill 2006 was introduced to replace the Governments notification under the Tamil Nadu General Sales Tax Act 1959 to reduce the rate of Sales Tax from the dual rates of 16 and 24 per cent to 14 per cent on cement of all grades. to establish a 464 MW dual fuel combined cycle plant in Andhra Pradesh and repay the bridge finance availed of for funding the equity of GPL. BPLAPL dual pricing But the dual pricing 151 one set of prices for those below the poverty line BPL and another for those above the line APL 151 played havoc with this system.