double meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
double meaning in tamil is இரட்டை, நகல்

double meaning in tamil with example

double tamil meaning and more example for double will be given in tamil.
The regions average monthly production is now about two tonnes almost double the quantum produced years ago. A view of the double road to Peenya Industrial Estate in Bangalore which was once known as the biggest industrial estate in Southeast Asia. Rajath Kamal of Loyola College Chennai scored a double by winning the mens singles and doubles titles in the 34th Statelevel intercollegiate table tennis tournament for the PSG Trophy in Coimbatore on Friday. She also set the best timing completing her jumps over a total of 22 fences including four double combinations. They said that double cropping of rice should be discouraged in the state and further during the summer season it should be banned. From PDAs that double up as podcast assistants to handheld gaming consoles read Sony Playstation Portable that can also play fulllength movies the citys technorati have plenty to drool over. The symptoms reported to doctors include fatigue headache dry eyes eye strain blurred vision neck pain altered colour perception and double vision says industrial safety consultant K. It finally offered a decent debt deal after 20 years of campaigning there was a promise yet to be fulfilled to double aid by 2010 and there was a surprise goody thrown in 151 a hugely ambitious target for universal access to HIVAIDS treatment. Sri Lanka is to double the licence fee for lubricant sellers and invite more players into the market Energy Minister M. H. M. Bharti had spoken out against the double standards applied to party men on the issues of corruption and indiscipline.