dot meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dot meaning in tamil is புள்ளி

dot meaning in tamil with example

dot tamil meaning and more example for dot will be given in tamil.
During emergency drills conducted under the supervision of the collector in various industries that dot the stretch the Government ensures that the roads are cleared of traffic. Most restaurants and shops selling handicrafts and curios from Kashmir and Tibet which dot the Light House beach have not made much money this season. In the U.K. where attention spans seem to diminish by the day Dot Mobile has launched a plan with the writer John Sutherland to condense works of literary classics into text message form aiming to aid understanding and recall of the stories. Maran was speaking at an official function organised here on Saturday to inaugurate the Cuddalore Postal Divisional Office and DoT Software for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. To the ones down below the divers were a bright dot against the sun soaring above the blue sea swooping down one after another as bright as wafting confetti. Nearly 20 brick kilns dot the course of the river causing acute shortage of drinking water in the area. With a view to resolving the deadlock over announcement of new Access Deficit Charge rates Telecom Commission Chairman and DoT Secretary J. S. Just about every local festival features dusky girls in polka dot flamenco dresses and strolling musicians. A cube with the universal Braille dot matrix could well be the language learning device for thousands of visually challenged students. This allows a maximum of 63 possible dot patterns enough to represent all letters of any alphabet says N. A ready reckoner chart containing the letters and their corresponding Braille dot patterns help anyone to learn to use the cube in less than an hour.