domination meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
domination meaning in tamil is ஆளுமை

domination meaning in tamil with example

domination tamil meaning and more example for domination will be given in tamil.
Such programmes to inculcate tolerance respect cooperation modesty patience peace generosity and the like are necessary in these days of domination of western culture which threaten the Indian society. It is at once an inspiring saga of struggles and successes and a history of fractious trade unionism domination of trade unions by power structures much beyond the control of the working populace of remarkable gains and shameful surrenders. Kerala men take gold Kerala Universities domination in relay continued as Kerala men took the gold in 4x200m freestyle relay and Calicut women won the gold in 4x100m freestyle relay. Thirtysix antisabotage teams 75 access control squads 10 road opening parties eight striking teams six area domination wings 20 counter action teams six observation teams were constituted. After nine years of Labour domination and virtual absence of an effective Opposition tectonic plates have started to shift we are told and even if no significant shift occurs immediately the developments in the coming months will have longterm consequences. The Australian domination was complete with Brett Lee topping the bowlers list and Adam Gilchrist the batting chart. Jawaharlal Nehru told the Subjects Committee of the Congress in Shaheednagar Amritsar on February 10 Portuguese domination over Goa is like a thorn in our heart constantly pricking us. Liverpool was utterly on top at that point Gerrard and Alonso both caressing 50yard balls to feet seemingly at will and their only concern would have been how few clear chances their domination had created.