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Incidentally till BITS came up with its own entrance examination last year students from the State literally dominated grabbing a major share of seats at the Pilani campus. However exporters from Australia Philippines Indonesia Mexico South Africa and Israel dominated the international market. Candid enough to admit that Fisher and Gimelstob dominated for a set and threequarters of the second Paes said Martin and I think that this rule is not a good one in particular at all. The disengagement from Gaza of August 2005 represented a shift away from the split over the land for peace issue that has dominated Israeli policy discussion since 1967. Though an endless variety of crisp snacks including Chinese finds mention in it the luncheons and dinners are bound to be dominated by typical Andhra and Hyderabadi cuisine specialities. But the law which sailed almost unnoticed through Frances centreright dominated parliament in February 2004 has been increasingly criticised by residents of overseas territories such as Guadeloupe or Martinique. It was the host that dominated right through but a costly lapse by Karthick Rajkumar in the final moments of the game sealed the fate of the team. The dreams of Kannadigas of a unified Karnataka will not be realised until areas dominated by Kannadigas are not integrated with the State noted writer Kayyara Kinhanna Rai said here on Monday. With an entryprice of Rs. 5.40 lakh the vehicle is certain to create a few ripples in the segment dominated by Toyotas Innova and General Motors Tavera.