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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dome meaning in tamil is குவிமாடம்

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Surveillance system The SCR has commissioned stateoftheart surveillance system with seven fast dome cameras to help reduce theft and crime besides effective monitoring of rail passenger traffic. A city environmental activist Subhas Datta has written to British Prime Minister Tony Blair seeking his Governments technical assistance in getting the angel atop the dome of Kolkatas Victoria Memorial which last stopped rotating early in 1999 to swivel once again. The magnificent granite rock formation at Ramanagaram near here is playing host to a group of experienced rock climbers from Maharashtra who will be attempting to scale a 4550ft rock wall at Kedar Dome in Uttaranchal later this year. Kedar Dome eastface rock wall situated near the Bhagirati glacier in the Gangotri valley in the Garhwal Himalayan region at an altitude of 6830 m 22539 ft has beckoned adventure enthusiasts from across the world. TWILIGHT SEEPS across South Africas Karoo desert the signal for a white dome on a windswept hilltop in the middle of nowhere to hum into life. Motors rumble the cobweb turns and a shutter on the dome yawns open revealing an inky sky studded with thousands of stars. Completed last year and housed in a 100fthigh 30 metre dome in the Northern Cape wilderness the 36ftwide mirror has allowed scientists to view galaxies a billion times too faint to be visible to the naked eye. While most of the interior work has been completed the external work on the tower and the dome has been delayed owing to the recent rain.