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By doing so it can bargain for the VicePresidents post and wait till the reservation policy is changed after 30 months. Indian Overseas Bank has joined the fast expanding list of banks offering no frills account but in doing so for the rural populace it seeks to be different by facilitating doorstep banking at the village and designing tailormade credit schemes. It happens with ease in Hollywood films but doing it is tricky in real life but scientists did it twice. Railways never looked like champion outfit when the rivals restricted their scoring rate thanks to the catching prowess of Meghala Upendra and raider Swati Singh doing a reasonably good job. A SpeedPost delivery person donned the attire of Santa Claus before doing the rounds in Kochi city on Saturday. The Delhi police did not give further details on the arrest and Police Commissioner K.K. Paul said What he was doing and why is all a matter of investigation. The police will be questioning the suspect to find out at whose instance he was tapping the phones. Among major works the KLAC has proposed a sum of Rs. 1.77 crore for doing up the swimming pool on the stadium premises. A new range of night vision products from illuminated keyboards to night vision web cameras is doing brisk sales in both the established and the grey markets. Venkatesan said the BYST expected the hitherto aloof banking institutions to match this scaling up effort by loosening the purse strings for at least onstream projects that were doing well.