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Councillors are of the opinion that permitting profitable ventures such as software firms to dodge the tax net would send out the wrong signal. The pedestrians have to dodge the speeding vehicles to get past the Arayidathupalam a busy jun ction in the city. Sportings Zimbabwean defender David Mkandwre initiated a move with a square pass to Madhav Das whose long ball into the box found Patrick beating two defenders with a body dodge before placing the ball on the path of Bijen Singh. The movement cannot dodge the fact that as the new majority party its morality is no longer its own. In the first half Parveen failed to dodge custodian Abhijit Mondal of Dempo when there was no one else between the two. Footpaths There are no footpaths on any of the busy roads in the city including K.M. Road and pedestrians have to dodge vehicles. And soon the team was up and away as Raghu Kumar substituting for Hemant Lama breached a backpedalling Tollygunge defence sold the dummy and then picked Ramachandran who with his dodge and weave turned around and sent in a sliding rightfooter past a charging Proloy Dutta. Addressing a press conference here on Saturday senior BJP leader Bandaru Dattatreya flayed the TRS TDP and Congress leaders for maintaining a studied silence while the Government was trying to dodge implementing the recommendations. Another cousin of theirs Nandaiah 24 who managed to dodge and escape from the assailants had been shifted to hospital. Another cousin of theirs Nandaiah who managed to dodge and escape from the assailants had been shifted to hospital.