documentary meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
documentary meaning in tamil is ஆவணப்படம்

documentary meaning in tamil with example

documentary tamil meaning and more example for documentary will be given in tamil.
The mela kicked off with the screening of Giants of Brazil an hourlong documentary portraying the Brazilian juggernaut from 1950 to 1994. Jaspal Bhatti who was also present he said the documentary film would go a long way in creating traffic awareness especially among the underage children. Finally the computerisation of the system and the issue of a computerised receipt help the applicants to have a documentary proof. Search This search for her roots made her go about directing and producing a documentary film in the firstperson narrative. The documentary is in the postproduction stages and in a few weeks she will have a 90minute product for the world to see. Retd. Kumar and documentary filmmaker Nikhil Acharya they will bring out a book and a documentary film. Newsreels The corporation would also produce and supply approved newsreels and documentary showcasing the developments and activities for screening at movie houses in the State. This coming week will see the Wide Angle Film Society of Kamala Nehru College host the Jeevika Film Festival the annual South Asian Livelihood Documentary Festival curated by the Centre for Civil Society. Viraladayalam The Identity of a Film Maker the animated documentary made by Jayadeep Kothamangalam is a unique endeavour. A documentary on the tourist places in the district was telecast in Doordarshan and other cable channels. Prasad portrayed him as a villain in his columns he would continue to expose the latters alleged misdeeds supported with documentary evidence.