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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
doctrine meaning in tamil is கொள்கை கோட்பாடு போதனை

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On Saturday he directly addressed a central tenet of Catholic doctrine that has caused distress to many followers of the church which states that remarried divorcees are regarded as being in a permanent state of sin and cannot receive Communion. Basic structure The Courts basic structure doctrine can plausibly be seen as an attempt to defend the Constitution against certain perceived immediate threats to democracy and civil liberties in a specific political context. Does not the doctrine of separation of powers define demarcate and allocate the powers of the respective institutions clearly. The basic axiom in democratic thinking all over the world has been that a strong executive must be restrained by various devices like the doctrine of separation of powers or theory of judicial review. For all its emotive value and votegathering potential Vinayak Damodar Savarkar s disruptive doctrine proved a barrier to power. An added anxiety is the not so very encouraging past record of the U.S. in adhering to agreements modifications and withdrawals from bilateralmultilateral accords driven by shifts and reversals in U.S. doctrine and policy are not unknown. Our doctrine envisions a credible minimum nuclear deterrent to inflict unacceptable damage on an adversary indulging in a nuclear first strike. He said Lord Lahiri Muthukrishna founder of the ashram had propagated throughout his life the doctrine of one God one should not fight in the name of religion and one should worship the creator and not the creatures.