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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
divorced meaning in tamil is மணமுறிந்தவர்

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divorced tamil meaning and more example for divorced will be given in tamil.
It said the alleged plot was apparently mooted by a lunatic fringe in the Fathers4Justice group which has staged a number of headlinegrabbing stunts to draw attention to its case for giving divorced or separated fathers easier access to their children. Her threat stems from an exquisite timing but on Thursday her coordination was off as hand divorced eye. The group was founded about four years ago by divorced and separated fathers to demand more access to their children but a series of sensational stunts such as throwing a purple powder at Mr. Its founder Matt OConnor a divorced father with two children said he had decided to disband it after Tuesdays disclosure in The Sun newspaper that a lunatic fringe in the group had discussed abducting Mr. The eligibility criteria were 151 the candidates applying for admission should have a height of 147 cm and 38.5 kg of weight and they should not have married widows or divorced women can also apply. Dinoire a divorced mother of two teenage daughters spoke frankly about the horrific attack in May by her Labrador. Another trend noticed was that 50 per cent to 60 per cent suicides were among housewives belying the common notion that divorced or the lonely resorted to taking the step. The panel claimed that in two instances speedy settlement could be arrived at in returning the assets of divorced women. The relationship between the two countries is diverse and they cannot be divorced from one another he said. Not to be divorced Agreeing that most of the charges levelled against Mr.