divine meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
divine meaning in tamil is தெய்வீகத்தன்மை

divine meaning in tamil with example

divine tamil meaning and more example for divine will be given in tamil.
Lord Krishnas soulabhya accessibility is manifest when he endows Arjuna with the divine eyes to behold the grand vision of His cosmic form. Let divine light enter hearts of all so that there is peace in the world. This message was conveyed by Baba Hardev Singhji Maharaj on the Nirankari website on the occasion of New Year. Subramanian 78 Tirupparankundram Road Andalpuram 6.30 p.m. Divine Life Society TiruppavaiTiruvempavai recitation and bhajan South Adi Street Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple 6.30 a.m. Gita Bhavanam Discourse on Tiruppavai by V. L. R. The example of a bulb glowing because of electricity is apt to understand the working of divine will in human life. Once he dreamt as if commanded by God he was ready even to sacrifice his only son Hazrat Ismail Ishmael who was also all the more willing to give up his life as per divine order. Out of His Sankalpa no sooner was He born with His divine form than He began to make the first moves for achieving the purpose of His incarnation namely annihilation of the evil forces such as Kamsa. Devotees believe that the Makarajyoti darshan brings them good luck and divine blessings and the pilgrim turnout to witness the auspicious event has been on the rise every year. Almost all rooftops and the entire Sannidhanam will be packed with devotees with the lone mantra Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa. Selfless devotion bakti to the divine is the very soul and spirit of the Ayyappa cult. There will be silence at the holy hillock for a few minutes and first appear the bright star Makarajyoti followed by the flickering of a bright flame twice or thrice on the eastern horizon raising the multitude of pilgrims to a state of divine ecstasy.