diverse meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
diverse meaning in tamil is ஒன்றுக்கொன்று மாறான, பலவித

diverse meaning in tamil with example

diverse tamil meaning and more example for diverse will be given in tamil.
A nuisance said Justice Sutherland may be merely a right thing in the wrong place like a pig in the parlour instead of the barnyard. All have diverse interest various desires and conflicting needs which grow and change day by day. Kalam said Today the footprints of India and China are increasingly visible and have made an impact on the global landscape in diverse areas. Bangarappa said here on Sunday that the diverse culture of India which was its inherent strength should not be allowed to be destroyed by narrow and sectarian considerations. The meet through a resolution said the AISF supported the countrys heterogeneous and diverse culture. The mutual respect among the congregation of pilgrims belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds and different socioeconomic strata is a model. A team of 30 teachers from various schools in South Australia are here on a study tour to learn the diverse and fascinating culture of India. He helped Falk find an ethnically diverse group of Sunni Shiite and Kurdish artists for the exhibit. On the formation of Telangana State he said that there were diverse views on the issue and a committee was therefore formed to go into the issue he said. It will also put in place a mechanism for mobilising voluntary services of the student community to serve the diverse needs of the special youth. Chennais robust and diverse industry made it important for the United Kingdom to develop and maintain relations with Tamil Nadu the Minister told presspersons here on Tuesday.