divers meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
divers meaning in tamil is பல்வேறு, வெவ்வேறு

divers meaning in tamil with example

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Also on standby were a team of Navy divers commissioned from Visakhapatnam personnel of the Coast Guard and the water wing of the States Civil Defence. Helicopters divers and foot patrols searched for two days along the swollen river near Dite village about 40 km from Beitbridge the main border post to South Africa. To the ones down below the divers were a bright dot against the sun soaring above the blue sea swooping down one after another as bright as wafting confetti. According to engineers of the Mangalore City Corporation divers of the city corporation removing polythene bags stuck to the mesh of the inlet pipes has become a routine in the last few years. Following the incident fire fighters divers of the Indian Navy and personnel from the Marine department of the port rushed to the spot and swung into action. According to official sources 9 Head Constables 30 constables and 9 motor boat drivers and 18 divers would be included. Two divers jumped into the tank as Blaine appeared to struggle while removing chains that had been placed on his hands and feet. In South Africa a cagediving craze in which divers plunge into a murk of sea water and fish entrails slopped overboard to attract great white sharks has been blamed for the rise in shark attacks around the Cape. Eighteen ships 157 divers and other personnel are involved in the 12day exercise to hunt defuse and destroy mines in coastal waters of the South China Sea Mr. In all 101 pump sets including 75 portable diesel pump sets 35 wireless sets 50 boats 471 lifejackets and several divers have been deployed.