diver meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
diver meaning in tamil is சுழியோடி

diver meaning in tamil with example

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It employed the metaphor of a pearl diver to describe the business papers task as going deeper into the sea to pick up pearls of wisdom. Other than private citizens who volunteered to enter the water for a search operation the authorities did not deploy a professional diver to look for the boy. Thereafter a professional diver brought by the Excise Department was drowned while fishing out cans in the marsh. Double for Hrutika It was a springboard double for Maharashtra diver Hrutika Shriram. 151 Special Correspondent Presidents award for diver VISAKHAPATNA. Sahoo a clearance diver of Marine Commandos unit of Eastern Naval Command has been selected for the Presidents Jeevan Raksha Padak for saving the lives of three women off Rishikonda Beach here in May2005. A diver equipped with an underwater camera helping engineers to fix leaks at the Thumbe reservoir near Mangalore on Tuesday.