dispute meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dispute meaning in tamil is தகராறு

dispute meaning in tamil with example

dispute tamil meaning and more example for dispute will be given in tamil.
Russia has cut off all natural gas supplies to Ukraine on the New Year Day after Kiev rejected Moscows 11th hour offer of compromise in a bitter dispute over gas prices. A dispute over the number of overs bowled during a cricket match between two youth associations triggered group clashes and communal tension at Habeebnagar on Sunday. A dispute arose between the teams of Mangarbasthi and Imam Doddi which played the match around 3.15 p.m. While the Mangarbasthi team claimed that they made 14 runs in two overs their rival team argued that all three overs were bowled. Rao said the proposal would resolve the dispute of submergence of 300 villages and at the same time benefit a larger area. The State Government should initiate measures to start the dialogue and get a final award for the Cauvery dispute from the Cauvery Water Distress Tribunal the president of the United Farmers Association C. A day after it cut off natural gas supplies to Ukraine over a price dispute Russia accused Ukraine of stealing Europebound gas from pipelines running across its territory. It now appears that the allegations of criminal assault levelled by a 28yearold woman at Nand Nagri in NorthEast Delhi against an East Delhi resident could have been a motivated one and a property dispute could be behind the entire episode. Garbage has piled up in fifteen wards where private contractors refused to clear it on account of a dispute with Corporation authorities over the amount fixed for the contract. Why should the students suffer on account of the dispute between the school management and the building owner asked a parent.