disposal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
disposal meaning in tamil is விநியோகம்

disposal meaning in tamil with example

disposal tamil meaning and more example for disposal will be given in tamil.
Bomb disposal and dog squads were called in the passengers from the train were evacuated and the train taken to the yard for checking. Police arrived there with sniffer dogs and bomb disposal squads examined every inch of the eatery and opened the parcels of groceries received only to learn that a prankster had played trick on them. But Erskine May the leading authority on Parliament says it is more convenient to treat expulsions as one of the methods of punishment at the disposal of the House. They also alleged that disposal of regular cases was being affected with regular judges attending the mediation cells. As a longterm solution to the garbage disposal problem two sites extending over 21 acres and 11 acres had been identified near Dhavani. The bomb disposal squad carried out a thorough checking and after 30 minutes the call was declared a hoax. Sediment disposal He said that discussions were made about the disposal of the sediments collected from the Orathupalayam reservoir and where it should be deposited. Once considered a waste product whose disposal was a problem coir pith today has a booming market in the United States Europe and Australia. Sniffer dogs and Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad personnel searched for explosives in and around the district court complex on TirunelveliTuticorin highway on Tuesday following a bomb threat. Even as the bomb disposal squad got down to work the railway authorities tried to trace the addressee in Aligarh. The study suggested that land management and onsite waste disposal be initiated to conserve canals in Kochi.