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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dispatch meaning in tamil is அனுப்புதல்

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Also in order to keep track of change of address or ownership of the vehicle the department might make dispatch of licences and registration certificates of personal vehicles through courier compulsory for proper maintenance of database. The Regional Transport Authority Hyderabad with the initiative of Centre for Good Governance has started dispatch of licences and registration certificates through courier to citizens at a cost of Rs. We are targeting the captive power market and would also be able to supply to utilities. We plan to dispatch 3040 machines annually on an average. 151 Special Correspondent Delay in dispatch of phone bills TIRUNELVEL. The Associated Press of Pakistan APP in a dispatch from Beijing said the two countries were likely to adopt soon a comprehensive plan in the energy sector under a Framework Agreement arrived at between the two countries last week. The study which reads like a dispatch from the educational backwaters of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh is based on a nationwide survey of British undergraduates by more than 100 professional writers who teach in universities under a scheme of the Royal Literary Fund. In a dispatch from Beijing the news agency said the equipment based on DVBS Digital Video BroadcastSatellite technology would provide real time data collected by Chinas Fengyun meteorological satellite series. Companies making rights issues will now be permitted to dispatch an abridged letter of offer containing disclosures as required in the abridged prospectus.