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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
disk meaning in tamil is தட்டு

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Skype software can be downloaded from its website with a single click and the webcam installed easily from a disk and powered up without trouble from a desktop icon. While seeking remand before the City Sessions Court here AntiTerrorist Squad ATS officials said they wanted time to probe the contents of the hard disk and the laptop computer seized from the Delhi residence of the accused. ATS and Delhi police team raided Siddiquis residence in Malviya Nagar locality and seized a laptop and hard disk reportedly used for sending an email to Modi on December 24 for organising the Vibrant GujaratInternational Kite Festival on January 1213. Weighing only 2.2 kg with an integrated optical disk drive and battery it is the lightest 14inch widescreen twospindle machine in its class says the company. One disk remained on the sometimes unidentifiable body and the other was returned to the unit headquarters. Edit live With storage becoming extremely cheap you can now connect your laptop to an external hard disk and edit on location. With Final Cut Pro HD you will be able to connect the Panasonic HD camera to the machine and download each days footage on to the external hard disk at the end of the days shoot and edit on location. It can be best described as an external hard disk with a whopping 250 GB memory space containing over three million documents. The screen must be shaded from stray light and a small circular disk of the sun will be imaged on the screen. However the viewer must not look at the sun through the viewfinder but check in the video compact disk display of the camera when the sun is in view and then click wonderful views of the setting eclipsed sun against the monumental heritage of the country.