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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
disinfection meaning in tamil is கிருமிகளை அழித்து தொற்று நீக்குதல்

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While chlorination was conventional disinfection method for water and waste water treatment there were latest alternatives like ultraviolet treatment ozonation electrochlorination reverse osmosis nanofiltration to eliminate harmful effects of excess chlorination on ones health. Research conducted at Johns Hopkins University in the U.S. recently showed that soil filtration removes some microbes that can survive conventional disinfection systems. Integrated pest management integrated nutrient management agricultural technology information technologies and innovations like the mango and garlic peeler harvesters hot water treatment for postharvest disinfestation and disinfection of mangoes will also be on display. Cleanup operations and disinfection would be carried out in the four farms falling within the infected zone and backyard poultry would also be culled Upma Chowdhry Joint Secretary Department of Animal Husbandry said. Sources said officials of the Animal Husbandry Department from Kerala had completed the verification and disinfection of all consignments from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh at the checkpoints. Cleanup and disinfection operations are continuing in Navapur and Uchchal and measures have been taken to contain the spread of bird flu in the region the statement said. Surveillance around the areas of outbreak since completion of operation including culling disinfection and cleanup and the rest of the country showed no evidence of the presence of highly pathogenic avian influenza official sources said.