dishonesty meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dishonesty meaning in tamil is நேர்மையினமை

dishonesty meaning in tamil with example

dishonesty tamil meaning and more example for dishonesty will be given in tamil.
UNDER NORMAL circumstances a Minister is divested of his charge for one of three reasons nonperformance dishonesty or promotion to bigger and better things. The world of nonproliferation and disarmament was exemplified by dishonesty and doublestandards 151 that was the reality of the global nuclear order. Anybody wearing this cap would fight the battle against injustice dishonesty and corruption she said. The apex court held that the proved acts of misconduct either to a case of dishonesty or of gross negligence by bus conductors who by their actions and inactions caused financial loss to the corporation irrespective of the quantum ought not to be retained in service. We consider the NREGS to be a very important programme and will not tolerate any negligence or dishonesty by officials in charge of its implementation Mr.