disgrace meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
disgrace meaning in tamil is அவமானம்

disgrace meaning in tamil with example

disgrace tamil meaning and more example for disgrace will be given in tamil.
This national disgrace must be addressed urgently. This year our government has increased investments in this sector by about 40 per cent over the last year 151 from Rs. Stalin said it was a disgrace that the civic agency was functioning without an elected representative at the helm. Akademi president Gopi Chand Narang said like the South Americans even Indians share the memories of deprivation oppression and disgrace combined with an aspiration for freedom equality and dignity that have become part of our national psyche. Social pressure has to be there on such people so that they will stop these illegal activities at least to avoid disgrace to their profession he said adding that the surprise raids and prosecutions would continue with renewed vigour. He demanded that the Government take stringent action against the forces that had brought disgrace to Karnataka. They say it will be a disgrace if the party accepts the post after the ruling party denied them their due share in the Ministry. Citing the example of former Prime Minister late Morarji Desai who refused to attend a party thrown by a politician as the latters name figured in a scandal he said these legislators had brought disgrace to the values set by great leaders. It is a disgrace to the hospital to leave this passage unattended although the authorities provide free transport for patients from this very place. The Minister said I have protested against this discrimination. He alleged that the BCCI hierarchy was trying to disgrace the CAB president by repeated allegations of misappropriation of funds relating to the 1996 World Cup.