discrimination meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
discrimination meaning in tamil is வித்தியாசப்படுத்துதல்,பாரபட்சம்.

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Counselling sessions will be conducted through the Health Department to lactating mothers against discrimination of a girl child. Studies have revealed discrimination in almost all spheres from employment to housing to the way people are treated by administrative officials and the police. Finkielkraut also trained the spotlight on another aspect of the problem the deep sense of hurt and discrimination felt by people from Frances former colonies in the West Indies. After lifetime validity plans differential tariffs have come under the scrutiny of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India which is planning to formulate policies to check discrimination in such tariffs charged by operators for calls made within their own network and those of others. These and other directives to simplify banking procedures will at a practical level go against recent trends in commercial banking where banks have for a variety of reasons been pursuing strategies of differentiation if not outright discrimination among their clientele. In the U.S. the Community Reinvestment Act prohibits discrimination by banks against low and moderateincome groups while in France it is a legal right for anyone to have a bank account. He said India had 1.11 lakh persons with AIDS as of July 2005.S. Bagyalakshmi president Positive Friend Welfare Association talked about the stigma and discrimination she faced after she was infected by her spouse. The Calicut Airport Committee which met at the Chamber House here on Monday has noted the discrimination in not providing international status to the Calicut Airport despite the latter qualifying in everyway to be given the international position.