disappear meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
disappear meaning in tamil is மறைந்துவிட்டார்

disappear meaning in tamil with example

disappear tamil meaning and more example for disappear will be given in tamil.
Though we are sure that forest will not disappear one fine day we have to have enough sense to protect and use well the resources that are at hand adds Vivek. However the numbers are large and in a country such as ours where the practice of carrying identification is yet to be enforced strictly people can disappear without a trace. Another prominent landmark in the city on Wayanad Road which too has changed hands is to disappear soon the Dr. Sorcar who is known for his tricks like making the Taj Mahal disappear and a train full of passengers vanish will be on stage at the Karthika Thirunal Theatre for a 12day show beginning Friday. It also remains to be seen if the muchtalked about grass is left on the wicket because sometimes it tends to disappear on the morning of the Test. Never before have I seen a show where huge sets including a ship and a train disappear and appear on stage in a matter of seconds she adds. But if it was really so vile we would all just throw our hands up in despair and disappear off to the hills to raise sheep. The pitch at the Pindi Stadium has a thin coating of green which could well disappear before the start of the match on Saturday. The warm welcome accorded would sure set the cricketers to take on to their heels and leave bag and baggage and disappear into thin air. The Health Department of the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike takes action against unlicensed street vendors most of them disappear only to appear on another street. The investment rate which has been currently pegged at 31 per cent of GDP should go up at least to 35 per cent and more efforts are needed so that current account deficit which surfaced during 200506 after a gap of three years disappear and trade deficit also decreases he said.