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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
disagreement meaning in tamil is மறுப்பு, இசைவு இன்மை

disagreement meaning in tamil with example

disagreement tamil meaning and more example for disagreement will be given in tamil.
If anyone did not agree with a particular decision the disagreement should be expressed in a peaceful way. Though the revolutionary party favours holding talks with the reactionary government depending on the concrete situation and the issues involved the disagreement arose on the propriety of initiating the dialogue process in Andhra Pradesh because of the prevailing situation in the State. My delegation manifests its total disagreement with the proposal ... to bring it to the Security Council said chief Venezuelan delegate Gustavo Marques Marin. More importantly they will have to either own up the ideological vision of Golwalkar or tell the ordinary people of India of their points of disagreement and departure with their ideological mentor. The Government decision to privatise the Delhi and Mumbai airports has already seen open disagreement and a Leftsupported strike by employees of the Airports Authority of India. There is only one point of disagreement with the theme 151 where the death of a young boy in police lockup is shown not properly investigated by senior police officers or the everalert press. Later the case was posted to April 25 for finding a permanent solution to the disagreement between the villagers. His disagreement with the Deputy Chief Minister was issuebased and not out of any personal rivalry. A6 If there is disagreement in the Review Committee which is a Ministerial Committee the issue must necessarily go to the Prime Minister. The judgment of October 2000 clearly requires the Prime Minister to decide in the event of a disagreement in the Review Committee and the Prime Minister cannot refuse to discharge that responsibility and throw the issue back into the lap of the Supreme Court.