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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
disagree meaning in tamil is வித்தியாசம் கொள், இணங்காதிரு

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These parties disagree with the decision of the Government to do away with longterm capital gains tax and reducing the shortterm capital gains tax to 10 per cent. But the nonofficial members disagree with the policy and are insisting that the emphasis should be more on enforcement of the terms and conditions of allotment rather than changing of the policy per se. B.K. Mini Punnayurkulam Kerala None can disagree with Dr. First it is difficult to disagree with what the judgment says but there is much to be said about what it fails to say. The nation can grow fast only if its people are more focussed. There was nothing wrong in the presence of a number of parties he said adding The right to disagree is central to democracy. Mr. The Opposition members said they disagree with the fact sheet moved by the government and maintained that it was totally false. Few will disagree with the other findings of the report titled Official reserves Flexibility is more important than size. It points out that reserves do provide policy makers with greater flexibility to deal with any contingency. Of course no political party has thought it expedient to disagree with this move because of the political vote bank involved. But politicians cutting across party lines seem to disagree 151 they want us to eat sleep idle away and watch TV for the next five years by which time they will come up with a different set of promises. Even the most sober voter will not disagree with the contention that the elections were by and large civilised throughout.