disaffected meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
disaffected meaning in tamil is வேண்டப்படாதவர்கள்

disaffected meaning in tamil with example

disaffected tamil meaning and more example for disaffected will be given in tamil.
One obvious way of reengaging these disaffected voters would be for Parliament to accept that it wrongly supported the war 151 but only because it believed what Mr. And with that comes the threat of a serious meltdown in the Levant that will have inevitable repercussions from Syria to Iraq with its disaffected Shia masses. Do Ministers really believe the way to convince disaffected young Muslims that our war is with the terrorists rather than the Islamic faith is to start bodysearching them on the basis of their race and religion. Antony said that it was the Centres consistent policy to integrate the disaffected people into the national mainstream whatever the cause. At the same time I would like to reiterate that the doors for dialogue are open to all disaffected groups 151 including the ULFA 151 which are willing to abjure violence Dr. Its time to reattach this one to the train before the brakes fail 151 or it is blown up by disaffected passengers.