disadvantage meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
disadvantage meaning in tamil is பாதகம்

disadvantage meaning in tamil with example

disadvantage tamil meaning and more example for disadvantage will be given in tamil.
Those demanding early introduction of English argue that studying a new language is more difficult in the higher classes and such students always are at a disadvantage while seeking admission to professional courses. Aiyar said unbridled rivalry between Indian and Chinese companies was to the disadvantage of both regardless of who eventually won the bid. Pattabhi Ram further felt that organising the Krishna Mahotsavam at six different places in the district would be a major disadvantage to them as it would deprive many people of an opportunity to savour every thing. The captain winning the toss will have to weigh the advantage of bowling first and making early inroads against the disadvantage of batting last. Madans hope and said Our orders are based on this trust in HSL workforce and the emerging shipbuilding dynamics that would make absence of indigenous shipbuilding capability a distinct disadvantage in managing a sustained growth. The newspapers from outside would surely have the advantages of better resources and better networking besides a more qualified team but their disadvantage would be the absence of a rapport with the readers. The proposal to bring floorlevel minimum wages would also work to the disadvantage of the working class he added. Advantage PDT does not have the disadvantage of the toxicity that is associated with radiotherapy nor the massive tissue loss of surgery. The state secretary of the Tamil Nadu Milk Producers Welfare Association Ganesan said the additional infrastructure would be of immense help to milk producers who hitherto faced the disadvantage of limited chilling capacity at the plants.