disable meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
disable meaning in tamil is நிற்கச் செய்

disable meaning in tamil with example

disable tamil meaning and more example for disable will be given in tamil.
The students had planned to disable North Pole Middle Schools power and telephone systems allotting time to kill their victims and escape from town. Last year the United Progressive Alliance UPA Government had reviewed the antihijacking policy laying down guidelines that there would not be any negotiations with the hijackers and efforts would be made to disable the hijacked aircraft from taking off for another destination. Between the first and second phase of implementation 151 when North Korea is expected to list all its nuclear facilities and also disable them 151 another 950000 tonnes of HFO will be provided as humanitarian assistance. But we the DPRKs five interlocutors didnt think that you could disable and finally dismantle and abandon a reactor unless you first shut it down as in a freeze. For now the DPRKs postaccord statement and Mr. The teachers appointed in different engineering schools and Industrial Training Institutes would be given special training to make disable students employable RCI Chairman Ian Cardozo said here on Saturday. In the next phase of the agreements implementation Pyongyang must fully disable Yongbyon allow nuclear inspectors back into the country and make a complete declaration of its nuclear programmes.