direction meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
direction meaning in tamil is திசை

direction meaning in tamil with example

direction tamil meaning and more example for direction will be given in tamil.
Likewise the Government is taking hasty steps for the construction of a harbour at Vizhinjam now though it has not taken any initiatives in this direction during the last four and a half years. The central committee of the CPI Mat its recent meeting had said that the overall direction of the UPA Government was not in favour of working people and the poor and called for a change in the direction of economic policies. There will obviously have to be adjustments in the composition and direction of exports as well as imports if individual countries are to benefit even with existing operations. Like a bubble in the river being swept in the direction of the current as it does not resist it there will not be disappointments in life when man learns to surrender to God and accept the outcome as His grace. He sought a direction to the Government to either commence work on the project or hand over the building to him. Justice Manjunath disposed of the petition with a direction to the Department of Kannada and Culture to complete within two years construction of the memorial. The direction was issued after the Centre filed an affidavit through the Additional SolicitorGeneral Mohan Parasaran turning down the request for submitting a copy of Narayanans letter to Mr. Large quantity of sand was deposited along the western banks of Hagari river during one of the heavy flood seasons and it keeps shifting in the direction of the wind to this day. The State Public Prosecutor made the submission before the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court while opposing a petition which sought a direction to provide the confession statement.