dim meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dim meaning in tamil is மங்கல்

dim meaning in tamil with example

dim tamil meaning and more example for dim will be given in tamil.
There are standards which have been violated unfortunately 151 width of the strip height of the hump slopes on both the sides alternating yellow and black coloured stripes for the full strip width so as to be identifiable from a distance even in dim light. Kevin Pietersen is finding it hard to leave cloud nine and there are more unanswered question marks about Geraint Jones than on a dim students exam paper. After 6 p.m. the street becomes pitch dark except for dim lighting that thrown by the lights in some houses. Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy has taken a dim view of the progress in civic works and road building in the city and taken the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike to task for it. The Chief Minister on Tuesday had taken a dim view of rain preparedness work done by the civic agencies during a review meeting. The noticeboard is covered with a steel grill and is so dim that one can read it only with the help of a magnifying glass. That could not but take the wind out of the sails of many communal centres of power and dim their clout to drive hard bargains. The record rise in oil prices and 151 the dim prospects of their coming down soon 151 have certainly exacerbated the problem. Our children are forced to study in dim light and the heavy voltage fluctuations damage electrical appliances. Asked about the emergence of a third front he said the prospect was dim as long as the Left supported the UPA. During night the headlight utilises light from the headlight of the opposite vehicle to dim the light.