dignity meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
dignity meaning in tamil is கண்ணியம், தன்மானம்

dignity meaning in tamil with example

dignity tamil meaning and more example for dignity will be given in tamil.
Of course we get nice supporting acts from Bipasha Basu and Amrita Rao too but it is Pakistani actor Jawed Sheikh as the guruji who gets maximum points for the silent dignity he manages to impart to a role that could as well have been easily forgotten. No inclination Noisy scenes heated arguments and interruptions in the proceedings show that the members have no inclination to uphold the dignity of the Parliament. It is incumbent on the part of players to preserve and uphold the dignity of figuring in a combat in the best of sporting spirit. The policy he said is also designed to set up mechanisms for promotion and protection of rights of persons with disabilities and to provide them equal opportunity to participate fully in society thereby enhancing their dignity and selfrespect. The programme was originally conceived in 1986 with the objective of providing privacy and dignity to women. He emphasised that this innovative effort must concentrate on a complete Census of street children identification of their needs and the mode of help guidance and support required for ensuring them a life of dignity and self respect besides restoring confidence for their future. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has assured the people of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands that the Centres efforts would be to find effective corrective and pragmatic solutions to their problems so that those affected by the tsunami could lead a life of dignity and selfrespect. Describing the alleged shooting of tribals in Kalinganagar in Orissa as nothing short of a massacre an NGO 151 the Campaign for Survival and Dignity 151 has sought a judicial inquiry by a sitting High Court Judge into the incident.